High Level Depalletizer

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high Level Depalletizer

In large companies, such as food industries which their capacity is more than 6000 product per hour, depalletizer is used for jar or can supply to filler machine. Depalletizer empties the jar or can pallet into production line and can prepare more than 250 jars or cans for delivery to the filler machine.

 high Level Depalletizer

  • This kind of machine is designed for factories that  have installation possibility of pallet elevator below the floor of hall.
  • To  install the elevator, a hole is created and the elevator is placed in it.
  • Machine capacity is 250 jar in minute.
  • The machine is equipped to automatic carton taker.

Different parts of machine are:

  1. Hydraulic  elevator for elevating jar or can pallet.
  2. Accumulator for storing jar or can in pallet change time
  3. jar emptying system from accumulator
  4. jar or can transfer conveyor from depalletizer to filler.


  • Automatic discharging of pallet and jar or container feeding to filler without the intervention of manpower.
  • prevention the transfer of various contamination by human hands to can or jar.
  • Very high speed of the device that allows the delivery of jars or cans to one or two lines with a capacity of 250 units per minute.
  • Pallet input of the device can be easily recharged without the need for a forklift or a pallet jack.
  • Possibility of storing three rows of jar or can pallets to prevent the line from stopping when changing pallets.
  • The machine has a jar washer or can washer at the exit, depend on the buyer’s order.
  • The machine has an anti-lock system to prevent the jar from stopping in line.
  • One of the main features of machine is hydraulic lifting system. This mechanism reduces the need to maintenance and causes the life time of machine.
  • The conveyors of the device are made of 304 steel and resistant to abrasion and washable.

Where we need this machine?

In food industries companies, beverage producers, canned and semi-canned industries, edible and industrial oil factories and paint manufactures.




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