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The goal of the Bahrevar Machine is, consensus and efforts to increase customer productivity.

Our experts and specialists in theBahrevar Machine are always ready to provide specialized and free advice to esteemed manufacturers.

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Customer experience and trust built over 12 years

1 - Research & design

Our experts in (bahrevar) group after every order start researches & designing. this process take place for the costumers needs & understanding the functional features of final product & reviewing the international experiences. Read More

2 - Manufacturing

Bahrevar machine manufacturing team with a manufacturing equipped workshops & experienced experts & technicians receive datasheet deigned by design group & in accordance with the specified schedule, start the manufacturing & assembling. Read More

3 - Installation & operation

After construction stage & workshop tests, the transportation & installation of equipment at the project site will start. This section is very important & professional, especially when the equipments are a port of a production line. Read More

The Five principles

Offering solution to reduce the costs and to increase production efficiency
We do all best to gain an exact understanding of customer needs and then, by offering new proposals, to achieve new levels of capability and efficiency of the final product
Efforts to continuous improvement of the mechanisms & systems
We try to improve the product's quality constantly, by controlling the factors affecting on quality of the system.
Machine manufacturing, based on engineering calculations & analysis
We try to manage the manufacturing processes base on engineering calculations & analysis, by our professional experts.
Deliver the products on time and with guaranteed quality
We try to deliver the products on time & scheduled, with guaranteed quality. Always, we have been committed to the time commitments & quality assurance.
Perfect after sales services & continuous supporting of customers
We try to be a super seller by our complete after sales services, delivering the products on time & quality commitment.

Bahrevar Machine Alborz: a leader in designing and manufacturing industrial machines with modern technology